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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Are your clothes not drying fast enough but your dryer is still heating? Chances are your dryer is not defective. The vent is clogged with lint which restricts proper air flow. We can solve this problem with our high powered vacuums.

Did you know clothes dryers contribute to over 100,000 house fires/year?

The benefits of dryer vent cleaning:

Allows your clothes to dry faster
Cleaning your dryer vent can prevent your home from unwanted fire damage
Cleaning your air ducts and dryer vent reduces energy costs and will save you $$$$
Increases the life cycle of your dryer by regular cleaning

  • We offer bird nest removal
  • Contracts available for property management companies
  • We are fully ensured and bonded
  • Guaranteed dryer vent cleaning services
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

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